Archon V | MMR: 3007 - Behavior: 9895

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Mô tả sản phẩm

      • VAC Ban: CG:GO...
      • Main Roles:SAFELANE,MIDLANE
      • Hours played: 13303 Hours
      • Phone Number: Activated 
      • Steam Market: Activated 
      • Steam Profile: Level 34 (9 years of service)
        Steam Games: 81
      • Battle Pass:
          • The International 6: Level 110
          • The International 7: Level 245
          • The International 8: Level 255
          • The International 9: Level 590
          • The International 10: Level 470
          • The International 11: Level 244
          • Nemestice 2021: Level 136
          • Aghanim's 2021: Level 247
      • Battle Pass's Prestige Items:
        • [TI6] Cavern Crawl: Scale of the Razorwyrm - Full Unlock (Ursa)
        • [TI7] Reef Edge Terrain (Terrain)
        • [TI7] Prize of the Saltworn Mariner (Kunkka) Style 2 unlocked
        • [TI7] Arcana: Benevolent Companion (IO)
        • [TI7] Cavern Crawl: Shoreline Sapper (Ogre Magi)
        • [TI8] The Emerald Abyss Terrain (Terrain)
        • [TI8] Cavernite Creeps (Creeps)
        • [TI8] Hell-Spar Anathema - Style Unlocked (Lion)
        • [TI8] Cavern Crawl: Desolate Conquest (Legion Commander)
        • [TI9] Overgrown Empire (Terrain)
        • [TI9] Reptilian Refuge Creeps (Creeps)
        • [TI9] Majesty of the Colossus (Tiny)
        • [TI9] Persona: Acolyte of the Lost Arts (Invoker)
        • [TI9] Arcana: Planetfall (Earthshaker)
        • [TI9] Axe Unleashed (Axe)
        • [TI10] Sanctums of the Divine Terrain (Terrain)
        • [TI10] Persona: The Toy Butcher (Pudge)
        • [TI10] Persona: The Disciple's Path (Anti Mage)
        • [TI10] Arcana: The One True King  (Wraith King)
        • [TI10] Arcana: Eminence of Ristul (Queen Of Pain)
        • [TI11] Cavern Crawl: Isle of Dragons - Full Unlock (Juggernaut)

      • [TI11] Age of Attrition (Primal Beast)
      • [TI11] Persona: Conduit of the Blueheart (Crystal Maiden)
      • [TI11] Cavern Crawl: Isle of Dragons (Juggernaut)
      • [TI11] Cavern Crawl: Stonefish Renegade (Slardar)
      • [TI11] Cavern Crawl: Whitewind Battlemage (Crystal Maiden)

  • Other Limited/Not Tradable Immortals/Cache Sets/Rare Items:
    • [TI6 Cache] Creeping Shadow (Phantom Assassin)
    • [TI8 Cache II] Dread Ascendance (Doom)
    • [TI9 Cache] Allure of the Faeshade Flower (Dark Willow)
    • [TI9 Cache] Pursuit of the Ember Demons (Huskar)
    • [TI9 Cache] Glimmer of the Sacred Hunt (Drow Ranger)
    • [TI9 Cache II] Directive of the Sunbound (Clockwerk)
    • [TI9 Cache II] Souls Tyrant  (Shadow Fiend)
    • [TI9 Cache II] Souls Tyrant  (Warlock)
    • [TI9 Cache II] Endless Night (Abaddon)
    • [TI9 Cache II] Dapper Disguise (Pudge)
    • [TI9 Cache II] Fury of the Bloodforge (Bloodseeker)
    • [TI9 Cache II] Tales of the Windward Rogue (Pangolier)
    • [TI9 Cache II] Grim Destiny (Wraith King)
    • [Dota Plus] Masks of Mischief (Monkey King)
    • [Dota Plus] Memories of the Vow Eternal (Medusa)
    • and more...

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